We Want a Season!

The 2020 College Football season needs to happen. The players want it to happen, the fans want it to happen, and the students want it to happen. It can be done safely, where there is minimal risk to the players and fans.

If College Football isn’t allowed to continue many Southern college towns will hurt a lot , including mine, Tuscaloosa, Alabama. I know the fear-mongers in the national sports media (like Dan Wolken) don’t care about the plight of Southerners or college towns, but it’s vitally important that they survive.

If you have a vision for the domain WeWantASeason.com, LetThemPlay.us, or for WeWantToPlay.net please reach out to me at Hamp@EDQD.com and I will give the domain to you for FREE and work with you to build something. If you think someone out there could make use of these domains please share this page.

Let’s save college football!